EODR Ep. 14 – I. R. Harris & Rob Gutro | Bound Series, Pets and the Afterlife

In this episode Michael and Daniel interview two very compelling individuals. First up is the very charming, beautiful and smart author of The Bound series, IR Harris, who speaks with us about the evolving acceptance of sexuality in media and gives us a rundown of her fast selling book series that she continues to work on.

Then we speak to friend of the show, Rob Gutro and talk about his latest work Pets and the Afterlife.

In the first hour Michael and Daniel chat about Astral Projection, Phil Baroni and Chris Jericho’s return.




EODR Ep. 13 – Randall Keller | EVP’s, Shadow People, Interdimensional Beings

We are joined by electronic voice phenomenon researcher Randall Keller. We talk about what it is like interacting with ghosts through electronic medium, shadow people, myths about EVP and the best places you can go to capture your own EVP recordings.

Randall tries to help us get over our fear of EVP’s by displaying a nonchalant attitude about the subject but we both still both get very scared as we start to listen to some of Randall’s recordings.

At the start of the show before our guest we have an amazing discussion regarding gay scenes in T.V. shows, Sandy Hook being a Hoax, MK-Ultra, The Movie Poltergeist, Underground Bases and more.



EODR Ep. 12 – Jordan Maxwell | End Times, Ancient Astronauts, Reptilians, Pyramids, Jesus Astrology

We are joined by the legendary Jordan Maxwell. We speak to him about End Times, The Bible, Reptilians, Jesus being an astrological story, the Pyramids, The Inca Stones, Atlantis and much more.

Jordan explains to us his relationship with such figures as David Icke, Zecharia Sitchin, Richard C. Hoagland and Manly P Hall.

We learn about how sheep like the average person is and why we have little chance of avoiding absolute disaster.

In our wrap up segment we discuss our mind blowing interview with Maxwell then discuss Sega Dreamcast, Seth Rollins and Partying Pilots.


music by Cancerslug


EODR Ep. 11 – Interview with Mitch Clarke

This episode we are joined by Ninjashoes MMA Forum’s homegrown hero Mitch Clarke who joins us after his epic “fight of the night” submission win over Al Iaquinta at UFC 173 which netted him a 50 thousand dollar bonus from the UFC.

We discuss with Mitch his amazing come from behind victory and what it felt like, the bullying that went on during his childhood, how he discovered Mixed Martial Arts, how he actually was scouted by the UFC, why he didn’t choose pro wrestling instead, how he learned the D’arce Choke, why he loves ninjashoes.net and much more.

During our wrap up portion after the interview with Mitch, we talk about how the interview went, talk a little Kyle Maynard then the discussion takes a turn for the tranny worst. We also find out why Ninja started watching pro wrestling again.

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EODR Ep. 10 – Myke Hideous 2: Echoes in Time

Due to popular demand we are once more joined by the enigmatic Myke Hideous, former lead singer for the legendary Misfits and frontman for his own cult favorite bands Empire Hideous and SpySociety99. Myke mentions his interactions with Michale Graves and Glenn Danzig. Then we dig even deeper into Mykes past with the Misfits and hear one heck of a groupie story. Myke goes on to talk about the occult, secret societies, curses, satanism, Miley Cyrus and more. Please do not listen if there are children in the room or if you are easily offended.