EODR Ep. 9 – Roundtable Discussion Wolf Edition

In this episode we are joined by several members of the Ninjashoes.net forum. In the first hour Resin and Ninja talk amongst themselves for a bit then all hell breaks loose as we call Whooped, Crunchie, Dert, Wimmer and Bloodshot and the roundtable begins. We discuss everything from racism to MMA to Pro Wrestling. We even discuss a certain individual named Wolf aka 40.


EODR Ep. 7 – Interview With Youtube Sensation Freddie Lee

We are joined by Youtube Sensation Sifu Freddie Lee who is gaining popularity based on his bold opinions of martial arts especially the current MMA trend. Freddie breaks down why exactly he feels Mixed Martial Arts can be bad for society. We also learn how much the western world stigmatizes and misunderstands Chinese martial arts.

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EODR Ep. 6 – Halloween Episode with Ghost Medium Rob Gutro

We are joined by Rob Gutro who is a famous ghost medium and guest on Coast to Coast. Resin and Ninja talk a little smack then the interview with Rob begins. He takes us on a journey into the world of spirits and mediumship. Rob expains the science behind talking to ghosts.

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EODR Ep. 5 – Myke Hideous and Magic Reality

We are joined by Myke Hideous, who tells us the full story about his time with The Misfits, he is interviewed by Resin who has been a Misfits and Myke Hideous fan for ages now. Then we discuss all things occult in the hands down wildest ride you have probably heard in radio. Myke Hideous explains the reality behind magic in a way that noone ever has on any form of media. Ninjashoes and Resin both interview Myke about the occult and it turns into some of the most gripping radio of all time. If you are afraid of such subjects as Satanism then you should probably cover your ears.