EODR Ep. 16 – Reignbow God X Native Minds

We are joined by some hot upcoming artist on this show. First we speak with Fonzy Williams known as the ReignbowGod who tells us about dodging haters, bullying, shemales on twitter and the meaning behind the name ReignbowGod.

Then in the second half speak with the group Native Minds as they drive through the mean streets of Tacoma WA and tell us about their latest works, the Jones vs. DC beef in MMA, the Seattle SuperSonics and how their group formed.


EODR Ep. 15 – David Sereda | The Matrix, NASA UFO’s, Reptilians and Vortex Math

Michael and Daniel begin the show by discussing recent conflicts in the middle east between Israeli and Hamas forces.

Then David Sereda joins us as our guest this episode. We discuss beings of light that visited David, advanced technology based on vortex math, the pyramids not being tombs, seeing spirits, Jesus’s true story, the dark matrix we are trapped in and even touch on reptilians/underground bases.