EODR 29 – Truthspoon x Mad Martian | The Freemason Luciferian Agenda

In this Episode we are joined by two guests as we go on a journey into the dark world of Luciferian Freemasonry.

Our first guest is Eddie Truthspoon who the dark secret societies tried to recruit in a wild series of events that stretches all across the globe. We learn about the Freemason Hive mind and how Eddie was stalked by telepathic agents who sought to plant Eddie with the seeds of Lucifierian enlightenment. Eddie explains in detail how it felt to undergo the beginnings of this drastic psychological and magical process.

Our second guest is the infamous Gary known to many as the Mad Martian. He talks to us about the NASA cover up and how Richard C Hoagland is actually a Freemason with a duplicitous agenda. We learn about how Gary is actually a real life version of John Connor who is fighting an unseen enemy from the future that is working backwards to manipulate the past. Gary tells us that he is Luke Skywalker and Richard C. Hoagland is Darth Vader.



EODR 28 – Robert Bruce | Out of Body Astral Travel, Encountering Demons/Aliens and UFO Experiences

We are joined by legendary out of body researcher and author Robert Bruce who is famous for writing numerous books on Astral Projection as well as the foremost psychic protection manual titled The “Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide”.

Michael and Daniel start off by talking about recent news, stating their disgust at the recent Kim Kardashian pictures which has society in a hubbub.

Then we are joined by our guest for the evening Robert Bruce who is calling us all the way from Australia.

We start off by talking with Mr. Bruce about his first ever out of body experience where he encountered a Grey Alien. Then we really go off on a wild ride as we discuss the human energy body, Akashic Records, Reptilian underground caverns, astral traveling tips, possible dangers of astral traveling, chakras, demons, The Matrix, Roberts UFO experiences, psychic self defense and much more.



EODR 27 – George Turner | Southern Gentleman, Paranormal Enthusiast and Freemason

In this episode we talk to George Turner, paranormal enthusiast who is joining us to promote his hot new magazine. We talk to him about growing up in the south, the original spooky incidents that sparked his interest in the paranormal, being able to interview Brad Stieger, his favorite horror movies, inter-dimensional entities, Mothman pancakes, Ouji Boards, conspiracies and much much more. George drops the bomb on us and reveals he is an actual Freemason.

In the last segment Michael and Daniel discuss the downfalls of Satan worship and what it means to get involved with black magic and sell your soul.



EODR 26 – Richard Gage Presents Facts on 9/11 Being an Inside Job

In this episode we are joined by Richard Gage who is an architect and founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

In the first segment we get a surprise call from Fonzy Williams known by the alias Reignbow God, who has been a past guest on our show. We catch up with him since he is a friend of our show and talk a little about Halloween.

Then we move on to our main guest Richard Gage who systematically proves to us and our listeners that 9-11 was in fact an inside job. The evidence here is jaw dropping and potentially damaging to an individuals worldview so beware. Many facts are dropped that even Michael and Daniel were completely unaware of.

We finish the show with a short open lines segment.