EODR 37 – Robert Bruce 2 | Psychic Self Defense, Removing Entities, Angelic Guidance

This is a special edition show that is a direct sequel to our first historic interview with Astral Dynamic expert Robert Bruce. We continue where we left off last time by talking about psychic self defense. We talk in a bit more detail about Roberts experience becoming possessed and how it caused him to begin learning about actual real world techniques to repel demonic entities. We learn about how a demonic entity can hijack a living person and manipulate their chakras.

Robert reveals to us that the Angelic side of things should not be ignored and that angels will give us guidance within our dreams. We also cover the alien presence on this planet and we even get a surprise call from the Mad Martian.



EODR 36 – Open Lines First Edition

In this episode of our show we were originally scheduled to interview a guest but he was not able to join us so instead we had our first ever open lines show. We discuss many topics including Howard Stern, Andy’s recent break up, Russian Brides, playing in bands and much more. This is a show jam packed with unexpected comedy thanks to our callers Andy, Jess Mapes and ReignBow God.


EODR 35 – Alejandro Rojas | Open Minds UFO Research

Michael and Daniel start off the show discussing out last show and recent events. Daniel sounds like a frog to start off the show.

We are then joined by Alejandro Rojas host of Open Minds Radio. We discuss many topics with Alejandro who is extremely well studied on some of our past guests and favorite events such as the whole Paul Bennewitz/Richard Doty disinformation fiasco, UFO cults such as Heavens Gate, Stanton Friedman/Roswell research, the easy way UFO photo’s and video’s are faked nowadays, alien bodies beings recovered and much more.


After Alejandro hangs up we are joined by special guest caller Gary the Mad Martian who criticizes Alejandro and then goes on to discuss NASA’s Dark Mission.


EODR 34 – Robert M. Price | H.P. Lovecraft, Gnosticism and Jesus Debunking

We are first joined by Jaclyn Taylor, dietician and fitness trainer. We discuss the benefits of pilates as an exercise system and why diet is so important.


We are then joined by our main guest Robert M. Price, world renowned theologian and writer. Robert happens to not only be well educated on the authenticity of Jesus Christ but also has written quite a bit about H.P. Lovecraft who both Michael and Daniel are huge fans of.

We start off by discussing the various works of Lovecraft and the few movies that his works have inspired. We then take a journey into the world or religion and mysticism as we learn about Gnosticism which includes descriptions of the Demiurge, Archons and Aeons. The discussion turns to recent racial issues which prompts a surprise call from Fonzy Williams.

We then begin to discuss the fundamental problems of religion and the hypothesis behind Robert’s decision to call himself an atheist.