EODR 40 – Dream Land | Reignbowgod, Mitch Clarke, One Man Army and Jeff Mapes

We start this episode by re-visiting the War against Dark Matter Network that we openly declared war against last episode. Many haters have sprung out of the woodwork due to jealousy. the topic then moves to once again discussing online dating apps as Daniel explains the only true way to get them to work.

We are then joined by Fonzy Williams who tells us about his new paranormal themed album that he will be starting work on soon. Fonzy talks about how the spirits are guiding him towards his destiny.

We are then joined by UFC fighter Mitch Clarke who shares his latest happenings and talks about the rampant use of PED’s. While talking to Mitch another caller joins the discussion, the infamous One Man Army who is a legendary poster among the Underground forums. The guys talk about many topics in a sort of mini MMA themed round table.

We then finish the show by getting deep into the topic of UFO’s and Aliens with our friend Jeff Mapes who share some UFO stories and his thoughts on many relevant topics.


EODR 39 – I.R Harris and Gary the Mad Martian | The War Begins

This is a very special episode for many reasons.

We start off with a very special announcement from our shows hosts Michael and Daniel who explain how they were buried by the Dark Matter Network. Our hosts explain why they were treated unfairly and then Daniel nearly loses his mind as he declares an all out ratings war against The Dark Matter Network reminiscent of the famous Monday Night War between WWF and WCW.

We are then joined by our first guest, the enigmatic and always entertaining I.R. Harris or Isabella Harris who is the author of many popular works of fiction such as her Bound and Legion series. She talks to us about comic conventions, her favorite lesser known writers, rituals for writing, favorite comic series as well as the reasons why she has chosen certain settings and topics for her writings.


Our second guest is the infamous Mad Martian who joins us once again to dig deeper into this mystery of Richard C. Hoagland and the code that he is relaying from the future. We learn about how Richard C. is actually secretly backing Gary’s work while pretending to be completely opposed to it. Gary explains how these forces from behind the scenes are directing and manipulating events in order to slowly force disclosure and finally reveal the secrets of human orgins. He talks about his recent Smackdown attendance and how he stuck it to the Bulgarian Wrestler Rusev.



EODR 38 – L.A. Marzulli | Nephilim, Implants, Ancient Astronauts Deception

L.A. Marzulli joins us, he is the notable author of the Nephilim Trilogy. As one of the worlds foremost experts on the grand deception, L.A. Mazulli takes us on another wild ride into the world of biblical revelations as he explains that things are not quite what they seem with the End of Days. The ancient aliens propaganda we are seeing is nothing more than disinformation designed to make us trust these alien saviors who will come bringing gifts such as immortality.


In the last hour, we are joined by Jeff Mapes from whatsupinthesky.com, he joins us for a great paranormal round table discussion that touches on bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, conspiracy and all kinds of non paranormal topics as well.