EODR 46 – Third Eye

For the first time in a long time we have a full show with no guests. We are able however to start the show by talking to our buddy Andy who enlightens us about the disgusting nature of juice. The show takes a serious tone as our host confront a very serious issue of racism.

We then talk a bit about our buddy UFC fighter Mitch Clarke and how proud we are to be his friend. Both guys talk about the benefits of dating nerdy girls and how the mall could possibly be the best place to meet women. We talk a little bit about pro wrestling in the second half of the show.


EODR 45 – Stan Gordon | Bigfoot UFO Connection

In our first hour we are joined by Ray who is a longtime poster at ninjashoes.net, skeptic and expert on ancient Egypt. Ray talks some MMA with us then we move on to discussing Egypt, friend of the show George Turner calls in with some great questions about Egypt for Ray who stuns us with his vast array of knowledge.

Tonight we learn about the link between Bigfoot and UFO’s. Stan Gordon, UFO investigator and award winning author of Silent Invasion joins us in one of our most vivid and shocking episodes yet. Stan worked as a phone report sighting coordinator for the UFO Research Institute of Pittsburgh and founded several UFO institutions as well as being a Bigfoot investigator. Stan explains why Bigfoot may indeed not be a flesh and blood animal. We hear some shocking stories linking the Bigfoot and UFO phenomena together. Michael and Daniel were noticeably shocked by some of these stories.



EODR 44 – Jonathan Gray | Giants, Noah’s Ark and Luciferians

Tonight we are joined by the legendary Jonathan Gray who is an international explorer, archaeologist and author. We learn about his beginnings then the conversation becomes rather shocking as we begin to learn of the suppression of history by institutions like the Smithsonian. We learn about the giants who once walked this earth who were actually not the Nephilim at all. Many researchers have been killed as a result of the suppression of the true history of the earth. We learn about the true force behind it all which is actually a Luciferian religion.