EODR 51 – Maxine Taylor | Astrology, Healing and Skepticism

On this amazing episode we start off with some very unusual talk about body parts and body odors which prompts both of our hosts to share some very disturbing stories from their pasts.

We are then joined by Maxine Taylor who is one of the worlds foremost figures on the topic of Astrology. We find out how Maxine became interested in astrology and what she had to do in order to actually learn the craft and get it legalized down in Georgia. She explains how healing has to do with your life path and what you truly want deep down.


Maxine then answers some tough questions regarding skepticism and then goes on to give us all our yearly astrological horoscope forecast.

We then do a little wrap up segment with one of our favorite callers Hank and friend of the show George Turner. We have a hilarious discussion about all sorts of conspiracy topics before Hank leaves us and we finish the show up talking about Georges magazine which he will be promoting at Scarefest 8 Sept 11th-13th.



EODR 50 – Max Cole Film Director | Masato Toys MMA Conspiracy Artist

Michael and Daniel start the show by discussing what it would be like to date a dwarf or little person. We take a second to talk a little bit about Ms. Piggy/Kermit the Frog syndrome. We then chat a bit about our shows rising popularity and the frustrations of trying to keep our work from being stolen.

We are then joined by hot up and coming film director Max Cole who is most famous for winning a music video award for the 2009 Hollywood Black Film Festival and also won The Best Sound Award at the 2015 Las Vegas film festival for his short movie Alone at Midnight. We talk to Max about his background growing up in Pittsburgh and what he had to do to get to where he is at today. After discussing horror movies for a bit Max gives his take on the president, if there is a god and how he does indeed believe in the paranormal.


Our second guest Masato Toys is a artist, conspiracy theorist and also a huge fan of MMA. We talk about the original days of Pride, how the sport has changed and why Sakuraba has always been his favorite fighter. Things then then take a turn as we begin to talk about conspiracy topics such as JFK’s assassination, 9/11 being an inside job and of course MK-Ultra.



EODR 49 – Robert Sheaffer | The Skeptic Strikes Back

We talk about some touchy subjects in this episode. Michael and Daniel have a lengthy discussion about love, marriage and children.

We are then joined by legendary skeptic and writer for Skeptical Inquirer, Robert Sheaffer who is the first and only true skeptic to join our program and challenge the beliefs we talk about. Robert has actually investigated fringe topics unlike many other skeptics.

We start off by talking in detail about the Roswell slides. We then talk about popular figures such as Whitley Strieber, David Icke, James Randi and Penn and Teller. We discuss heavy topics such as religion, life after death, artificial intelligence and much more.



EODR 48 – Ben Frank | Occult Conspiracy Rapper

Michael and Daniel start off by talking about the Mayweather vs Paquiao fight and how it is the biggest fight in many years. We talk about how some people like boxing and others prefer MMA.

We are joined by occult rapper Ben Frank. We learn about what artists inspire Ben and we find out how he learned to survive growing up in Queens New York. We find out about how Ben went from an average everyday kid to being someone who has awaken to the forces keeping us all oppressed.

We talk about some very serious topics such as why he doesn’t practice external forms of magic, the dangers of communicating with higher/lower beings, black history being distorted, Dr. Malachi Z. York, modern day rap being materialistic, Kundalini, the true meaning of Revelations, who is pulling the puppet strings and much more.

Daniel then asks Michael why he always disses El Centro.


EODR 47 – Chad Kelly, Mad Martian and Ben Frank

Michael and Daniel discuss the movie Interstellar which Michael loves and Daniel Hates. Michael shares a story about a girl trying to slap him. The discussion takes a serious turn as we start to talk about Bruce Jenner turning himself into a woman.

We are then joined by Chad Kelly who is a representative from Warm Audio, one of the worlds leaders in audio equipment. We speak about many subjects including what the best audio equipment is, how MP3’s have a very low sound quality, the benefits of records and CD’s, the current state of the music industry and much more.


We are then joined by Rapper Ben Frank who shares some insight into the current state of the world before Gary the Mad Martian comes on the line to blow us away with more Mars insights. Ben Frank will join us again on the next episode.