EODR 54 – Ken Gerhard x Stan Deyo | Mothman, Satanic Aliens and NWO

This episode features two very special guests. We are first joined by Ken Gerhard who is a Crytozoologist and author of Big Bird: Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters and Encounters with Flying Humanoids: Mothman, Manbirds, Gargoyles and Other Winged Beasts. We talk to Ken about some of our favorite crytids including Megaledon, Chupacabra, Bigfoot and get his take on other topics such as aliens. We have a particularly interesting discussion about Mothman and how the book is better than the movie.


Our second guest is End Times researcher Stan Deyo who originally worked in Black Ops before the program was subverted by hostile lifeforms. This set Stan on a quest to figure out what exactly is going on and what he discovered was a world of Satanic Alien Beings who not only look like us but are bent on world conquest. We learn about the anti-christ, the beast as well as what the number of the beast is. Stan talks to us about the earth changes and events that will be signs of the apocalypse.


Our hosts Michael and Daniel wind down by discussing a little Kaityn Jenner.


EODR 53 – Albert Taylor | Astral Travel, Robotics and Technology

Our hosts start the show by discussing the Phoenix Lights and the impact it made on them at an early age. We then discuss Illuminati Rappers, War Machine(former UFC fighter) and Bruce Jenner.

We are then joined by Albert Taylor who is just as respected in the scientific world as he is the paranormal. Albert has high level security clearance and worked on major secret projects such as Regans Star Wars(SDI) and The Stealth Bomber. Albert had a spiritual awakening and learned that he has actually been astral traveling his whole life. Now he wants to share this information and ability with the rest of the world. Albert explains to us in a very easy to understand way, just what the Astral Plane is and describes the beings that inhabit that realm.

After talking about astral travel for a good while the conversation switches to robotics. Albert talks to us about the robots he is building to help humans hunt ghosts. We learn about how he makes the robots and what they are capable of doing. We get an interesting call from a listener who has some great questions for Albert and gives her opinion on a late night host.

We close the show by taking a couple calls from our friends Frank from Las Vegas and Max Cole File Director.


EODR 52 – Katrina Weidman | Ouija Boards, Shadow People and Hauntings

Michael and Daniel start off by discussing some movies such as the recently released Curt Cobain: Montage of Heck and Mad Max Fury Road. We then talk about the feminization of modern men.

Our guest who joins us on the episode is none other than Katrina Weidman who is a featured star of the show Paranormal State which was one of the first and most popular Ghost investigation shows. She is also an actress and producer of Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies.

We learn how Katrina got started in Paranormal Investigation and we talk about her first ghostly experiences that sparked her beliefs. Katrina then goes on to talk about what happens when we die and the possibility of an afterlife where we can reach back into the living world. We discuss Shadow People, Cemeteries, physical attacks, psychic mediums, Ouija boards, scary movies and much more.


We finish the show by taking a call from Director Max Cole as we discuss our horrible secrets from the past.