EODR 57 – John Kachuba | Hauntings, Ouija Boards and The Afterlife

We start off by learning about a book about Jinn that both hosts are reading. Michael talks about his past feud with Sugar Ray. We talk about what bands got us started listening to music. Daniel talks a little bit about his idea of the Matrix.

This episode we are joined by Author John Kachuba who wrote a very interesting book about ghost hunting groups. He talks to us during a thunderstorm which is super cool sounding on our end. It really sets the pace for an in depth discussion about Ouija boards, haunting, shadow people, demonology and much more.

John shares some great stories and gets into his personal beliefs regarding god and life after death. We talk a bit about movies and authors which is super interesting.


The guys finish off the show by telling some seriously weird stories about their pasts. Michael tells a story about getting assaulted at a party and Daniel talks about a kid who asked to borrow his swim trunks.


EODR 56 – Annie Wilder | Victorian Haunted House and EVP’s

Our hosts start the show talking about the new microphone that Michael sent Daniel to replace his recently broken one. We then discuss a little bit about peer pressure, Daniel talks about how he used to dress like Eminem/Fred Durst in high school to get people to like him more. Michael asks Daniel if he ever tried any entheogenic substances.

We are then joined by our guest Annie Wilder who talks to us about how she moved into an old Victorian house on the Mississippi river which is currently haunted by several spirits. Annie tells us about her first ever paranormal experience then the conversation shifts to discussing ways to protect yourself from bad spirits.

During our discussion the lights begin to flicker in Annie’s house letting us know that the spirits are indeed paying attention to what is happening. Annie invites Michael to stay a night in the house.


We close the show by discussing some of the strange things going on in the news before we get a ring from one of our favorite callers Andy.


EODR 55 – Scotty Roberts | Reptilians, Genesis and Nakash

Our hosts Michael and Daniel start off the show by discussing online dating, horrible news stories and Kailtyn the Bachelorette.

Scotty Roberts joins us. We are excited to have him on because he recently wrote a very good book about Reptilians called The Secret History of the Reptilians. He talks to us about how he got started in the paranormal world and what led him to want to start his own paranormal talk radio program. He gives his opinion on George Noory and tells a great story about how he ticked him off.

Scotty explains to us that while he is very well researched, that everything he is speaking about is still theory and no real tangible proof exists of the Reptilian race. We delve into the Hebrew scriptures as well as the Sumerian origins.


We are then joined by our second guest Betsy Whitfill who talks to us about Maitreya and the benefits of transmission meditation. She talks to us about The Maitreyas true message as well as what will be coming in the next few years.

We finish the show by discussing Michaels astral attack and what he has done to prepare himself.