EODR 62 – Yuk Nassty | Get in Da Corner meets EODR

On this episode we are joined by Yuk Nassty who stars on the hit comedy podcast “Get in da Corner”.

We talk about what motivated Yuk to want to start a comedy show. He tells us about his childhood and why he grew up as someone who loves to goof around all the time thanks to having a family who embraced comedy. Yuk explains how the humor on his show is all in good fun and him and his co-host Dogga have never gotten seriously pissed off at each other despite the constant ballbreaking.

Yuk turns out to be a pro wrestling fan much to our hosts delight. He explains why his favorite diva is Alexa Bliss. We then get bombarded with some prank calls as Michael goads the caller into actually making a full call.


After our break we take some calls from our favorite listeners such as Sherry, Andy and Max Cole.


EODR 61 – Robert Bruce 4 | Demons, Water, the Sun and Earth

This is our very first show that aired live on our new End of Days Radio Network.

We are excited to have one of our favorite Guests, Robert Bruce, join us for a 4th time. Robert is a little hung up at the start of our show so we carry on at that point not sure if he is going to join us.

We talk a lot about the new network and Daniels new “new mic” which improves his sound quite a bit. We then take calls from some of our favorite callers including Frank from Las Vegas who hasn’t called in for a long time. Frank talks with our hosts about WWE and where it is headed, bringing attention to the womens division.

We are then joined by Robert Bruce 2 hours into our show, we find out he was hung up at a conference and rushed home to do the interview. Our hosts take advantage of the opportunity to speak with the legendary Robert once again and decide to do an extra long show.

Robert speaks about the topics covered in his best selling book, The Practical Guide to Psychic Self Defense. He actually finishes the story he started during his last two appearances, the story of his first exorcism which was done upon himself. Robert talks about the sunlight and earth healing his mind and body as the demon was expelled.



EODR 60 – Robert Bruce – Possession | Andy Weir – The Martian

This is a special episode because we have two very special guests. We begin with Michael and Daniel chatting a bit and answering questions regarding reincarnation.

We are then joined by our first amazing guest Robert Bruce, author of A Practical Guide to Self Defense as well as numerous books covering mysticism. Robert kindly furthers the story that was interrupted during his last appearance. We learn more about Roberts intense possession experience which led him to writing a book on psychic self defense. Robert explains some things that would go against conventional new age wisdom such as the belief that it is actually our own bad habits that causes possession.


We are then joined by hit author Andy Weir who is preparing for his movie to be released The Martian, which will be directed by legend Ridley Scott and will star Matt Damon. We talk about Andy’s orgins as a software developer for Blizzard, he actually worked on Warcraft 2. We then learn about Andy’s inspiration for The Martian and how much his life has changed. There is a great discusion about Artificial intelligence in here too as well as a call from film maker Max Cole who asks Andy some good questions.



EODR 59 – Sasha and Janet Lessin | Annunaki, Reptilians, Age of Aquarius

We start the show by talking about Hulk Hogan and answering some questions from listeners.

We then embark on a wild journey down the Rabbit Hole as we talk to two major figures in Annunaki Research, Sasha and Janet Lessin.

Sasha Lessin is the producer of super popular website Enkispeaks.com and has also authored several books including “Anunnaki: Gods No More”. He has actually worked closely with Zecharia Sitchin himself.

Janet Kira Lessin is a lifelong scholar and contactee who receives direct downloads from Ninmah, the Annunaki god who created humans.

We talk to this lovely and intelligent couple about everything related to ancient aliens. Whether or not they came through portals, what are the Reptilians, who is Marduk and what does he want and where is the human race headed in the future.

We then get a surprise call from Gary the Mad Martian.


We finish the show by answering some more emails and listening to a bizarre story from Daniel.


EODR 58 – Crop Circles, Orb, ET Communication

We start off discussing people stealing our show once again. We get a call from a very interesting female caller of ours whop talks to us about some of her supernatural experiences.

We then begin our interview with Crop Circle legend Patty Greer. Patty has been researching crop circles in the UK and even had an incredible healing experience while passing out inside a crop circle. She tells us about the suppression of crop circles that has been going on as well as the fake hoaxers who appeared some years back. She tells us about seeing glowing orbs creating crop circles and even tells us about shadow people appearing during a crop circle creation.


We finish the show by talking to film director Max Cole who informs us about his up coming horror movies.