EODR 67 – David Sereda 2 | Pleadians, Meditation and Free Energy

This episode we are joined by David Sereda who talks to us about his newly born second child who he is very proud of. He tells us about the true joy of having a child and how it makes you feel much more connected to the universe. We then disembark on a true voyage with David as he tells us a little bit about the secrets of anti-gravity and free energy.

We learn about how David has been in contact with Nordic aliens who claim to be the Pleadians. He explains how he contacts this alien group by tapping into a certain mental frequency that has to do with meditation.

David tells us about how easy it is to build your own house with the elements around you and how none of us should be tied to the debt slavery system. He talks to us about the capability and the intelligence of dolphins, his recent brief viewing of a Reptilian, the sky battles between alien groups and we get into vortex mathematics a little bit too.

David finishes the interview by expressing his frustration over the treatment of great minds such as John Hutchinson.



EODR 66 – It’s a Mad Mad Martian

The guys start off the show by talking about their home cities and what it is like to live there. They talk about their high school partying days and what it would be like to have a kid. The guys then bring up the Nick Diaz 5 year suspension scandal.

This show was originally scheduled with John B. Wells who was unable to join us. Gary the Mad Martian was nice enough to step in and fill in for Mr. Wells. Gary explains to us about his work continues to be suppressed in the media. We talk about his early days and how he was abducted by aliens, The FreeMasons, the messages being thrown back through time by the Martians and how Gary was once forced to destroy a city. We have a first time listener call in and confront Gary who is none to pleased.


We finish off the show by talking to callers Dert and Max Cole. We play a clip of a caller making fun of Daniel’s intro.


EODR 65 – Myke Hideous | 9/11, Satanism, Censorship

Warning: This episode is pretty much guaranteed to be offensive. If you are easily offended by views that differ from your own then it would be a good idea to skip this episode because it contains no censorship.

The guys start off this episode by talking a little about how the show has affected our personal lives. We hear a story from the past of when our hosts were accused of being Illuminati agents.

This episode we are joined by Myke Hideous star of bands The Empire Hideous, Bronx Casket Company, Spy Society 99, and the Misfits. Myke is also an author, artist, occultist and Satanist. We begin by thanking Myke for being the first big name to ever join us on End of Days Radio and explain the confidence it gave us to continue to improve.

We talk to Myke about his latest work authoring a book telling the story of his rise as a rock singer who was able to live out his ultimate dream as he was asked to sing for his favorite band The Misfits. Myke gives us his views on politics and explains to us exactly why he hates censorship.



EODR 64 – Robert Sullivan | Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Movie Symbolism

This episode starts off once again with Michael by himself because Daniel is stuck in traffic. Michael talks about an elderly friend of his who is a witch and why she cannot listen to the show any more. Daniel arrives just in the nick of time to talk about why he believes in UFO’s.

We are then Joined by Robert W. Sullivan the 4th who is a Freemason, Masonic historian and Author. We talk about how one would become a Freemason and how Robert himself became one and ascended the rankings all the way up to one of the highest degrees. We ask Robert some tough questions about Freemasons. Michael and Daniel do not hesitate to ask the hard questions about Illuminati, Luciferianism, Black Magic and other accusations against the Freemasons throughout history as well as if they actually are the remnants of the famous Knights Templar.

Robert does a great job answering our questions from the perspective of a secret society membership. We thank him kindly and invite him back for another half hour where we talk about symbolism in movies such as The Matrix, The Truman Show, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.


The guys finish the show by taking some calls from Max Cole and Darby.


EODR 63 – Robert Potter | Psychedelics, The Matrix and Reptilians

Tonight we go very deep down the Rabbit hole. We begin the show with Michael and Daniel talking to some of our favorite callers such as Jeff Mapes who joins us for the entire show and Darby who calls in at the beginning and discusses online dating.

We are joined by Robert Potter who is a UFO contactee, healer and truthseeker. Rob starts off by discussing psychedelic plants and the benefits they offer to Truthseekers. We learn how these plants can actually put you in resonance with a separate consciousness.

He talks to us about the state of the world. He explains the dark forces that are behind the Matrix prison system that works to brainwash us and keep us unaware. He explains how a race of Reptilians are one of the main antagonists. We learn that there is a good alien force ready to step in at any time in a D-Day like fashion.


We finish the show with Michael taking some calls and Jeff Mapes kindly filling in for Daniel who ends up having to leave due to an emergency.