EODR 69 – Kathleen Marden and Jim Harold – Halloween Special

This episode we are joined by two very special guests for our special Halloween episode.

First up is Kathleen Marden who is the actual real flesh and blood niece of Betty Hill from the legendary Betty and Barney Hill abduction. We learn some of the facts and misconceptions behind the case as well as what it was like growing up among such strangeness. We talk a bit about how tough it was for an interracial couple at the time. We chat a bit about on topics like whether or not the grey aliens that abducted the Hill’s are the same one who are behind most abductions along with other popular theories such as Reptilians and hybrids. We chat a little bit about the Starmap. Then things really take off as we learn that Kathleen is an abductee herself.


We then talk to internet paranormal radio sensation Jim Harold. We talk to him about his background in radio and how tough it was starting off at the bottom and doing a radio sales job. We then go into the paranormal where Jim explains his background regarding all things strange. Apparently Jim was a huge fan of “In Search Of” and that was one of his main inspirations. Jim then tells some some nerve wrecking scary stories including a story about someone getting chased in a car by a demon. We thank Jim for joining us on this special Halloween episode then ask him what his favorite scary movies of all time are.



EODR 68 – John B Wells | End of Days to Midnight

We start off the show with the hosts(Michael and Daniel) doing their usual thing. We talk a bit about various topics such as why Michael doesn’t like pepperoni sticks. Daniel talks about his recent car accident.

This episode we are joined by legendary conspiracy radio host John B. Wells from the hit show Caravan to Midnight. We discuss everything under the sun but start out by asking John B about his experience as a host on Coast to Coast AM and the circumstances that led him to be fired. We learn how John was a ratings superstar for Coast and his boss’s basically made up an excuse about him “going too far” from a conspiracy sense when in reality they were threatened by Johns overnight success.

John B talks to us about his martial arts background and how he discovered “Chi” in indeed a very real phenomena. We talk a bit about Alex Jones and the various accusations about him being a disinformation agent. John B tells us his opinion on the “End of Days” and how the key is really to start living for something higher as opposed to living for yourself. Sherry calls in with a question before we wind up the 2 1/2 hour legendary interview with John B.


We finish off by taking a call from Andy.