EODR 82 – Michael Cremo and Darryl Berry Jr.

This episode we take a couple of quick calls from Andy and Todd before moving on to our guests. This is a very big episode with two fantastic mind blowing interviews.

We begin by talking to Michael Cremo who is a researcher and author. He specializes in alternative archaeology and alternative views on the history of mankind. We talk about the discoveries made that show evidence of man existing far longer than we realize. We delve into the Sanskrit texts and discuss the possibility of aliens, giants and nuclear weapons. We then ask Mr. Cremo about hairy hominids and bigfoot. Mr. Cremo finishes by telling us about the reactions his research has gotten from the scientific community and how this information gets suppressed.


We are then joined by Darryl Berry Jr. who is an avid astral traveler as well as alien contactee. He talks to us about how he began astral traveling and how he eventually decided to write down his techniques and release a book. We learn about how Darryl is actually planning on physically leaving this planet due to his knowledge of what else if out there and how badly humans are messing things up. Darryl then talks to us about how we need to rise above the petty squabbles being played out in “the sandbox” where he draws a comparison between the hidden elite and small immature children.



EODR 81 – Jon Klimo | Alien Channeling Expert

This episode we start things off by taking a call from Todd who introduces us to his friend Al who claims to be part of the Illuminati. We pick Al’s brain for a bit until we are able to talk to our main guest.

We are then joined by Jon Klimo who is an author and researcher who has devoted a lifetime to the study of consciousness which includes channeling, telepathy and the afterlife. We ask Jon about how he got started in channeling. We ask him about the possibility of deception which Jon does a great job answering. He tells us a bit about the alien species he has learned about. Then we take some very interesting calls from Andrea, Todd and Sherry. We finish off by talking a bit about Jon’s books.



EODR 80 – Audrey the Light Language Channeler

On this episode we start things off by talking to listener Todd who calls in to apologize to the Mad Martian. We are then suddenly joined by The Mad Martian himself with Todd still on the line. We go over the conspiracy against End of Days and The Mad Martian a bit before moving forward with our main guest.

We are then joined by Audrey Light Language Healer and Channeler. She tells us about growing up and how she was initially contacted by the Arcturians around 2012. We learn a bit about Audrey before she actually starts speaking in the Light Language which raises the vibration of our shows hosts and listeners. She then allows Michael and Daniel to speak directly with some higher beings who offer the guys some advice. Audrey then uses the light language to heal the pains of one of our callers.


We finish off by talking to Todd a bit more.


EODR 79 – Graham Nicholls | Astral Projection and Infra-liminal Sound

This is a special morning show. End of Days is doubled up this week.

This episode we are joined by Graham Nicholls who is a famous Out of Body Researcher and Parapsychologogical. He grew up in London, puzzled by his early experiences going out of body where he eventually met a mentor from the Theosophical Society. Graham talks to us about how easy it is to experience and an OBE(Out of Body Experience). He tells us about the “guides” that he has met while going out of body. We go into the theories about a collective unconscious and how this relates to the occult world. We ask Graham what is was like working with guys like Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake. We find out Grahams take on what shadow beings are before learning about Infra-Liminal Sound.



EODR 78 – The Mad Martian | Hoagland’s Dirty Secret

Things start out with a special opening from Daniel then we talk a bit about the Holidays. We get a call from listener Todd who tells Michael and Daniel why they are among the best shows on radio.

This episode we are joined by the legendary Mad Martian, Gary Leggiere. Gary spills the beans on the true reason End of Days Radio was banned from Art Bells Dark Matter Network. We learn the conspiracy behind keeping Gary quiet. It turns out Richard C. Hoagland has more power behind the scenes than any of us realize. Gary talks about Brookings and the connection to Freemasonry.

We end the show by playing a special game called Celebrity Death Pool.