EODR 92 – Tracy Twyman | End Times, Antichrist and Templars

This very special morning episode we are joined by Tracy Twyman who is the author of several books, an occult researcher and someone who has communicated with actual demons including Cain and Baphomet. We are also joined by a special co-host this episode, the legendary Myke Hideous who actually helped us get in contact with Tracy.

We begin by learning a bit about Tracy’s childhood and background. We find out if she grew up with any religious influence. We learn about her first attempts at the Ouija board and what it was like when she first started communicating. Tracy talks to us about Baphomet and the series of other entities she went through before being referred to the big guy himself. We then talk a bit about revelations and end times before getting heavily into the secret societies.



EODR 91 – Jenny Ashford | Christopher Garetano

This is an amazing Easter episode where we talk to two very extraordinary guests.

The guys start off by talking a little bit about recent goings on including Michael’s recent interactions with legendary female bodybuilder Nicole Bass. We are then joined by our first guest Jenny Ashford who talks to us about who she is and how she was inspired to become a horror and erotica writer. We then realize we are also joined by Tom Ross. Jenny and Tom then proceed to scare the living daylights out of us by sharing the Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist story. We finish off by talking a bit about horror movies including the original Alien movie.


After the break we are joined by our second guest, film director Christopher Garetano who is most recently well known for winning an award at the Phillip K. Dick festival for his documentary about the Montauk Project. We begin by discussing Christophers beliefs about the legitimacy of the story. He tells us about his experiences meeting the guys involved with the project such as Sterwart Swerdlow and Preston Nichols. We talk to him about the pressures and pitfalls of working in Hollywood and how he has fought tooth and nails to stay in control of his own vision rather than sell out to big business.



EODR 90 – George Senda | A Life Well Lived

We start off by talking a little bit to our buddy Frank from Las Vegas.

This episode we are joined by George Senda who is a popular figure on various paranormal message boards and has quite the life story. George gives us a great argument about why Donald Trump would make an excellent president of the United States.
We then learn how George was once offered a job by Bill Gates himself. A few of Georges fans from Bellgab call in and talk to George about all kinds of whacky topics. George talks about why he loves Art bell before giving us his opinion on various paranormal topics such as UFO’s, Reptilians and Conspiracy. George shoots down some of the crazy rumors about drugs and prostitution.

George Sendas Youtube Channel

After the break Daniel makes a heartfelt apology to Andy for attacking him about his vasectomy. We finish things off by taking calls from quite a few of our fans.


EODR 89 – Darryl Berry Jr. | Astral, Aliens and Time Travel

This episode we are joined once again my one of our most popular guests Darryl Berry Jr. Michael starts off on his own due to Daniel having technical issues.

We start off by talking to White Crow for a little bit about George Noorey and Art Bell. We then bring Darryl Berry Jr. on the line to discuss his book “Travel Far” which Daniel has alot to say about. We then bridge into other topics such as time travel which Darryl has some strong opinions about, we learn if it is possible to change time. We discuss battling negative entities which Darryl used to do quite a bit in the hell realms until he simply learned to “fly up”. Darryl talks about his next book called “Next Density” which plans to take these topics even further.


We finish the show with a heated debate between Daniel and Andy about Andy’s decision to get a vasectomy.


EODR 88 – Joseph Laycock X Michael Aquino

This episode we are joined by two extraordinary guests. We also have a very special treat this episode. We are joined by friend of the show, Myke Hideous, who is joining us as a guest host for this very special episode.

We start the show by talking to our friend Myke a bit about how things have been going for him since he was last on our show. We learn a bit about why Myke loves photography so much before getting into a a couple crazy stories of shows hes done.

We are then joined by our first guest Joseph Laycock who begins by telling us a little bit about how he got into such strange topics that he has written about. He has written books on role playing games, vampires as well as demonic possession. Joseph tells us about what it was like studying real vampires, where they tend to congregate and why they are so secretive. We then talk a bit about demons as Joseph fills us in on some things he just cannot explain. We finish off our super interesting discussion with Joseph by asking him what his favorite vampire movies are.

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We are then joined by our second guest, the legendary Michael Aquino who is the founder of the Temple of Set. He describes for us what he went through originally joining the Satanic church only to start feeling disillusioned by Lavey’s philosophies. Aquino talks to us about how he got involved with the military and how he developed a weapon that can crush any enemies spirit, rendering them useless in battle. We then get into the Setian Philosophy a bit by learning a little bit about the Egyptian religion and how it has inspired Aquino to use Set as the figurehead of his beliefs.

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