EODR 95 – Laura London X Bob Mitchell

This episode we are joined first by Laura London who has a radio show devoted to exploring the works of Carl Jung and the Jungian method. She not only studied psychology at the University of Washington but is also a trained Remote Viewer. We begin by talking about how she initially got into Jung, she talks to us about the initial first steps she took in college and who she was before she really got into Jung. We then get into the idea of aliens and ghosts being internal vs. external where we learn that many of those into the paranormal have a false concept of what Jung’s work is actually like.


We are then joined by Bob Mitchell who is a UFO researcher/investigator/writer as well as an author of crime novels. We get into how Bob became interested in the abduction experience before getting into some of his stranger accounts. We talk to him about the Mantis beings, if they are good or evil. We discuss the Reptilians, the Grays and how the government is tied up in all of this. We ask Bob if he has ever had any fear of being targeted by negative alien groups or by the government.



EODR 94 – Stewart Swerdlow | Reptilians, Montauk and Mind Control

This episode we are joined by the legendary Stewart Swerdlow who is possibly most famous for his involvement with the Montauk Project and more recently well known for speaking on Reptilians and Hollow Earth. We really get into it by learning how exactly it is possible to change realities and how the Reptilian sexual ritual magic can be used to ultimately move from one reality to the next. He fills us in on what exactly “Scorpion Programming is” to our amazement. Stewart tells us about the cover up of Hollow earth and how most people are programmed to not accept anything paranormal.


We finish off our show by talking to Chefist who has some notes to share about the Senda Monster. Many strange factoids are dropped which leave us wishing we could go back to talking about the Montauk Project..


EODR 93 – David M. Jacobs and Paul H. Smith

We start off by taking a call from long time caller Frank From Las Vegas who calls to check in and ask about our opinions on Wrestlemania which prompts Daniel to give a quick review.

We are then joined by our first guest David M. Jacobs who is probably best known for being the author of the famous book “The Threat”. He talks to us how he initially became interested in UFO’s and how it got to the point where he has become one of the main investigators of UFO abduction. We talk a bit about communication between humans and aliens. David talks to us about how most alien abductions are negative and how the Mantis type beings seem to be at the top of the negative alien power structure. David makes it very clear that his studies into hypnotic regression have shown a definite pattern of negative alien interaction which follows family lines in order to keep it a secret.


We are then joined by our second guest Paul H. Smith who was part of the famous government remote viewing program. He talks to us about how he got started before then talking to us a bit about Ingo Swan who was his mentor. We ask Paul about intuition and then about other psychic powers such as telekinesis and telepathy. Paul talks to us about what is happening on the dark side of the moon. He then explains how both China and Russia both gave up their remote viewing programs around the same time and how he corresponds with the people who took part in those programs. He gives us a bit of a pointer how we can get started ourselves remote viewing.