EODR 100 – Elizabeth April – Past Lives, Aliens and Telepathy

This is our very special birthday episode and we not only have a celebration happening but also a very interesting guest. We start off the show by touching bases with some of our favorite fans and callers.

We are then joined by our guest Elizabeth April, who is an alien contactee as well as a telepath and medium. We begin by asking how she got started with all the paranormal stuff, she informs us that she wasn’t always involved in the para world, she actually started out as a competitive athlete which she was very successful at, she became disillusioned with competition due to its materialistic nature and after a past life regression, started a spiritual path which later on led to an alien encounter and the unlocking of her DNA and latent spiritual abilities which she now uses to help others.

Elizabeth takes calls from some of our callers and actually gives them readings on air!, including a very special call from Gary the Mad Martian who gets some very solid advice.

We finish the show with our actual birthday celebration which includes too many hi-jinks to list. Highlights include a performance of “Flat Earth Heads” by Wolfman Mike and a momentary face off between George Senda and Falkie investigator #1 Chefist from Bellgab. Michael and Daniel finish the show by issuing an open challenge to the world to bring in a new era of radio!



EODR 99 – Mack Maloney | Wingman, Starhawk and UFO’s

This special morning episode we are joined by none other than author Mack Maloney, who is famous for writing The Wingman, Starhawk and Pirate Hunter series of books. We start out by asking him how he got started, what authors he looked up to and why the Wingman series takes place in a post apocalyptic environment. We then begin talking about UFO’s and aliens as Mack tells us a little known fact about Grays, that many of them actually have tattoos. The conversation then turns to music as we talk about the British invasion and the influence that it had on Mack. We finish off by talking a little X-Files.



EODR 98 – June Lundgren X Wolfman Mike

The guys start off talking a bit about cloning and our show last week. We are then joined by our first guest June Lundgren who is a medium and mystic clairvoyant. She is also very qualified in fighting demonic beings which is a rare treat for us. We begin by talking to June about how she initially got started as a medium, apparently she comes from a long line of gifted women who are able to perceive the world beyond. June educates us a bit about demonic beings before then telling us some of her best stories. We ask June if anyone is able to learn these gifts and use them. She also educates us about how the afterlife actually works.


We are then joined by our second guest, the legendary Wolfman Mike. He starts off by doing a fantastic impersonation of radio legend Wolfman Jack which we absolutely love. He then begins telling us about the fascinating paranormal life he has led including an incident where the branches of a tree formed into a face and began talking to him and his brother. Wolfman talks to us quite a bit about cryptozoology which is a passion of his. Wolfman refuses to answer some personal questions coming from the chat but he does inform us that he is actually a practicing Warlock.



EODR 97 – James Farganne X Andrea Gregovich

This episode we are joined by James Farganne and Andrea Gregovich. We start off by talking a little bit about our plans to release a clothing line that will feature actual badass designed as opposed to just having our logo on it.

We start the interviews by bringing James Farganne on the line. He talks to us about the massive amount of electronic harassment he has been under including a constant stream of negative thoughts being transmitted into his mind. He then begins telling us about the Artificial Intelligence behind it all which brings out the skeptic in Daniel who wants proof that AI actually exists. The guys debate a bit before moving on to the story behind Fukishima itself. We learn that it was actually Israel that was behind Fukishima breaking down via the use of a special computer virus designed to affect a nuclear reactor. James then talks to us a bit more about the situation we are in and leaves us with a bit of advice on how to deal with electronic harassment.


After our break, we are then joined by our second guest and friend of the show Andrea Gregovich calling in from the icy state of Alaska. Andrea is actually a literary Russian Translator as well as many other things. We start out by hearing about Andrea’s first paranormal experiences including the story about how her Great Uncle started to contact her beyond the veil of death. She tells us about how this contact started after having a very nasty cyst on her back. We then talk a bit about Alaska and Andrea’s views on aliens and Illuminati before getting into the Pro Wrestling discussion where we discuss Ryback, Bullet Club and much much more.



EODR 96 – Robert Sullivan X Michael Horn

This episode we are first joined by the fellas as they discuss the latest EODR happenings including a brief talk about The Gathering of the Juggalos.

We then start talking to our first guest Robert W Sullivan the 4th, who is not only a Freemason but an outstanding author and researcher on secret societies. Robert is kind enough to start the interview by talking about his UFO encounter and tops it off by talking about his ghost experience. Then we move into the heart of the interview as Robert gets into the nitty gritty about secret societies, their true orgin, Aleister Crowely and if the Masons have a harder time keeping their secrets in the age of the internet. This is an outstanding followup to our first classic interview with Robert.


We are then joined by our second guest Michael Horn who is best known for being one of the famous Billy Meier’s contacts for sharing information with Earth. We start the interview off by taking a call from Chefist, who proceeds to take over the interview and lambaste Michael with some hard hitting questions until Daniel steps in and puts a stop to things, Mr. Horn really stabs back at the skeptics by explaining the scrutiny that Meier has already undergone by some legitimate organizations. We then really dig deep into the Bill Meier case as Michael and Daniel as him everything about the Meier case under the sun which really opens some minds.