EODR 109 – Kenneth and Farah Rose Deel X Jenny Ashford and Tom Ross

It’s couples night!

This episode we are joined by the legendary demon hunting couple Kenneth & Farah Rose Deel who are catholic demonologist/exorcist, who not only actually go out in the field and fight demons, but also do their own radio show.

We begin by learning the background of the Deels. We focus on their childhood and learn about the first time each of them encountered demonic beings in a manifested form. We learn that it almost always starts off with experimentation with the occult. We then get into how Kenneth and Farah actually met each other and why they immediately felt a strong bond then suddenly wanted to get married right away. From there we get into the nitty gritty of demonology. We learn of demonic hierarchies, shadow beings, how exorcism takes place, UFO’s/Aliens, the end of days, guardian angels and much much more with this lovely and very brave couple.


We are then joined by our second extraordinary couple of the evening. We are once again joined by Jenny Ashford and Tom Ross who join us for the second time ever. They start off by telling our hosts that End of Days Radio has been their favorite radio program that they have been on. From there we get an update on the The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist audio book which we learn will actually be read by Jenny herself as well as the upcoming book which is being worked on as we speak.

We then take an unusual turn, inspired by our previous guests of the night, Michael asks how Jenny and Tom actually met and fell in love which turns into a super interesting story and which causes Tom to compare Michael to Howard Stern much to everyone’s delight. We then get into the Mammoth Mountain story a little bit which prompts a discussion about telekinetic powers and the possibility that most Poltergeists cases are actually caused by the human mind itself.



EODR 108 – Donald Schmitt X Sara Smith

This episode we are first joined by Donald Schmitt who is an author and researcher at the J. Allen Hyneck Center for UFO Studies. He actually wrote one of the most popular books on the Roswell incident in New Mexico, because of this and his hard work investigating, Donald is currently regarded as one of best and most well known researchers of the Roswell incident in the world.

We leap down into the rabbit hole and Don talks to us about how he intitially became interested in the event and how he quickly came to realize something much more massive than a weather balloon incident was going on. We learn how people involved were threatened by unknown men in suits that may have been the legendary Men in Black. We ask him about the race that was likely aboard the craft and if anyone was ever afraid that the same species would come back to enact revenge or collect the crashed ship.

We also cover topics such as the Clinton’s interest in UFO’s, the Government’s black ops projects and we get Don’s opinion on UFO abductions and whether or not he feel the Atomic bomb could have attracted the aliens.


We are then joined by the new producer of the hit show Amy on the Radio. Her name is Sara Smith and he was hand picked by Amy Martin to help take her show to a whole new level of production. Sara has a real genuine interest in science and that is what attracted her to Amy’s show.

We first talk about how her and Amy first met before we get into some of Sara’s past and what it was like growing up. We learn that she used to be a goth in high school much to ours Hosts fascination.

Things then take a turn for the bizarre as we begin to delve into Sara’s interest in Serial Killers. We discuss all the big names from the Green River Killer to Charles Manson to Ted Bundy. We even get into a little bit of the Killer Clown himself John Wayne Gacy. We then take a short break from Serial Killers and everyone discusses the X-Files and what made that show so great.



EODR 107 – David Essel | Positivity, Relationships and Co-dependency

This special morning episode we are joined by none other than David Essel who is a life coach, speaker and author of several books including his latest masterpiece “Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life But This Book Will: The Myth of Positive Thinking, The Reality of Success”. We begin by letting David talk a bit about himself and end up getting into a discussion about radio. The conversation then focuses on why positive thinking doesn’t always work.

We then talk about Relationships as David discusses with us the pitfalls of online dating and the proper way to deal with someone you just met online. We also cover drug addiction, the concept of soul mates as well as some paranormal talk.



EODR 106 – Wal Thornhill X Scott Benson

We are first joined by Wal Thornhill who is most famous for being the leading proponent of the Electric Universe Theory. He is the author of books “Thunderbolts of the Gods” and “The Electric Universe”. Wal talks to us about how hard it has been trying to push an alternative theory, even if logic says that it is true. He tells us about Immanuel Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision” book which has inspired him quite a bit.

We then delve into a cycle of discovery as Wal explains to us that the Solar System really works. About how Gravity is actually pushing us into the solar system rather than the other way around. He then goes on to comment about many other topics such as CERN, Flat Earth and even Hollow Earth.


We are then joined by the host of one of the top fringe research podcasts Truth Sentinel, his name is Scott Benson and he is one of the UK’s greatest exports. We learn about how Scott is actually calling in from Thailand. He talks to us about why he loves traveling and how it has affected his worldview on things. We discuss a little bit about why Scott wanted to start a show and who inspired him to be a broadcaster.

We then get into some very deep topics such as Conspiracy, 9-11, The British Royal Family, Soccer, Reptilians and much more. We even talk a little bit about the Pyramids and hear about the time Scott suddenly found himself right smack in the middle of a warzone.



EODR 105 – John Herlosky | Remote Viewing, Sunken Treasure and Mars

This episode we are joined by John Herlosky who is the author of “A Sorcerers Apprentice”, a book about a skeptics journey into the world of remote viewing. We begin by learning a bit about Johns background as a police officer. He tells us about what it was like going to the police academy and being a cop for so many years. John tells us that he is a lifelong martial arts enthusiast as well. The conversation then shifts to remote viewing as John gives a description about how he discovered the science of remote viewing and how amazingly interesting his first ever class was. We learn about how John’s remote viewing abilities and some of the very strange things he has seen and experienced while being given coordinates. At the end of the interview things get really weird as John tells us about journeying underwater to find treasure with remote viewing.


We are then joined by last weeks guest and friend of the show Ralph Anthony. We chat with Ralph a bit before continuing our journey into Ralphs interesting life. We then talk about psychic powers and coming earth changes Ralph tells us about an ancient Strega prophecy about a coming female leader. Ralph is then kind enough to not only do another reading for Michael and Daniel but he allows us to open the lines as he gives readings to some of our favourite listeners.