EODR 117 – Myke Hideous | Misfits, Horror Movies and Necronomicon

This episode we are joined by none other than friend of the show Myke Hideous, former Misfits frontman and genius of such bands such as Spy Society 99 and Empire Hideous. Myke is also an accomplished writer, artist and photographer.

We start off by discussing Mykes past with the Misfits and how surreal the whole experience was. Myke talks to us about how backstage politics ruled the day as it does with many bands. We go over the entire story of why Myke joined the band and how he was told that he could not wear certain things that he loved due to the dress code of the time which made little sense. We talk a bit about Jerry Only, Michael Graves, Doyle Wolfgang and Glen Danzig. We then finish up talking about Mykes musical past as we enter into the world of politics and find out Mykes thoughts on such things as Islam, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, 9-11 and much more.

We finish off by talking about some of Mykes personal interest such as being a friend to animals, his interest in magick, his favorite horror movies and why he much prefers living in the forrest as opposed to the inner city life. Myke tells us the story of the Necronomicon then takes some calls from listeners.



EODR 116 – Elizabeth Saint | Afterlife, Gadgets and Haunted Closets

The guys start off the show with no guest. As you can expect hijinks ensue as the guys get into all sorts of topics such as what they think of certain radio hosts, Penn and Teller and they also listen to another great Cody impersonation.

We are then joined by Elizabeth Saint who is one of the stars of the new show Ghosts of Shepherdstown. Elizabeth was a model and aspiring actress who was not only beautiful but smarter than your average bear. She actually spent several years learning computer coding before eventually taking a job at the Department of Defense. Elizabeth felt a great emptiness in her life which led her into the paranormal world. She shares the story of one of her first paranormal experiences when she used to live in an apartment that had a haunted closet, there was some sort of being inside of that closet and it continued to terrify residents long after she moved out.

We then get into the show and some of Elizabeth’s stranger experiences while filming which includes a full on possession episode. She talks to us about some unique devices she has designed that allow ghost communication. We then get into lighter topics and ask her what she is doing for Halloween as well as some of her favourite scary movies.



EODR 115 – E.A. Koetting X Albert Taylor

On this show we are joined by much requested guest E.A. Koetting who is famous and infamous for being the occultist with the biggest pair of nuts ours hosts have ever seen. E.A. or Eric for short is an author as well as a magick researcher and enthusiast.

We find that he definitely knows his stuff as Eric tells us about how we went from being a Mormon to experimenting with an Ouija board and eventually becoming a full time magick practitioner. Eric talks to us about the types of magick he as been involved with including demon summoning and even angel summoning with certain enochian rites. We talk quite a bit about Alistair Crowley and some of the works he was involved in.

Eric talks to us about what it means to awaken the god within us. We get into a good discussion about demons and specifically talk about how a spiritual being will form a connection with a persons mind.


We are then joined by Albert Taylor who joins us for a second time. This is a special occasion because friend of the show and fellow astral travel author Darryl Berry Jr. actually joins us to co-host this interview. We begin by talking to Albert about technology and learn to what depth Albert has been involved as far as technology goes. Albert has actually had a top level secret government clearance and has worked on everything from secret planes to the space shuttle. Albert actually knows quite a bit about robotics and talks to us about using Arduino products to construct working robots that he uses to collect ghost data in haunted houses. Albert tells us that he has actually gathered some hard data in regards to the existence of poltergeist activity.

We then get into a lively discussion about everything astral travel with both Albert and Darryl giving us their take as Michael and Daniel ask questions and let both guys answer individually.



EODR 114 – Rob Gutro X Mad Martian

We are joined first by friend of the show Rob Gutro who was not only one of our first guests but is also announcing the release of his second pet based book “Pets and the Afterlife 2” which is a sequel to his first hit book. Rob calls himself a “Medium Rare” because he always considers himself a student of the psychic-medium field of study..

We start off by talking about Rob’s past a little bit and how it was tough growing up in a religious setting. Rob talks about how his medium abilities were passed down through his family line. We learn quite a bit about the afterlife and ghosts in general as Rob explains to us the way the afterlife works and how our lovable pets fit into it all. We also ask Rob about things such as evil spirits, his plans for Halloween and the paranormal team he is part of.


We come back from break and bring Gary the Mad Martian on the line. Gary is furious about Daniel limiting his time on the show and immediately erupts into rage about Daniel’s betrayal, Hoagland’s mindgames, Brookings and all the people trying to stop his message from getting out. Daniel tries to explain that what Gary thinks is untrue as Gary’s anger continues to build. A unique caller named Curtis asks Gary some questions he doesn’t like which sends Gary into level F5 rage. We try to calm Gary down as Gary proclaims that Michael is the only one on his side.

We ask Gary about why exactly his show was taken off the air. This causes Gary to become saddened as he mumbles something about contracts and how his life has been ruined by a “code”. Gary then explains as he has done in the past that he is the real John Connor.