EODR 122 – Michael Aquino X Katie Cook

This episode we are joined for a second time by the legendary Michael Aquino who is the head and founder of the Temple of Set. Aquino started the temple of Set because he did not approve of the highly egoistical behaviour and demands of Anton Lavey and the Church of Satan, which Michael was a high ranking member of. Aquino goes into the story of the Temple of Set quite in depth to the delight of our hosts and listeners.

We then get into some really heavy topics such as the myriad of strange accusations thrust upon Michael simply because he is a former member of the US governments psychological warfare division. Michael completely dispells the rumor that he had anything to do with the death of Max Spiers and refers to the whole situation as confusing and laughable because until very recently he had no idea who the guy was.

We then talk about the Philadelphia Experiment and Stargate’s to our amazement and pure shock. Aquino even goes into detail about how they work.

Temple of Set Website

We are then joined by Country Music Channel host Katie Cook. We begin by talking about her upbringing in Nashville and what got her interest in Country Music started. She talks to us about who influenced her and what it takes to be a good host. Specifically the importance of being well prepared and being a bit quick on your feet.

We discuss her band Reno a bit before asking Katie what she thinks about the ever changing musical industry.

We then switch gears as it turns out that Katie is actually very well educated on the paranormal and gives us her opinion on everything from UFO abductions to David Icke to the hauntings/the afterlife. Katie shares an interesting story with us of doing a session with the famous Dolores Cannon. She then makes a good point about how people in remote areas with no TV or contact with the outside will describe the same experiences.



EODR 121 – Brooks Agnew X George Senda

We start this episode by talking to our first guest who is Brooks Agnew, not only an engineering genius who is designing an electric truck far better than the antiquated battery powered Tesla but who is also an outstanding author, researcher and Host of X-Squared Radio where he covers many End of Days/Paranormal style topics.

We begin by discussing Brooks upbringing, where he tells us about how he developed such a strong interest in working on cars. We talk a bit more about his electric truck before moving on to discussing ancient civilization, aliens, conspiracy and the concept of two earth’s. We also ask him about Hollow earth and he tells us about how he tried an expedition but ran out of funding.

Brooks talks to us about Sitchin and how many of the translations were completely wrong and there actually is no such thing as a Nibiru. His explanation is that there is far more to the story and a deep longing inside humans to know our true past.

We finish off by talking a little bit more about human origins and the two earth’s.


We then bring on our second guest who is none other than the legendary Senda Monster/Falkie, George Senda himself. George is a paranormal personality who has established such internet fame that he actually gets shout outs from George Noory live on Coast to Coast AM.

George talks to us about MV-Hack-Gate. It seems that a man named MV actually gave George a free laptop. At first the gift appeared to be out of kindness, that is until mysterious pictures of a naked Senda Monster started appearing on the internet. It was obvious at that point that MV had pulled a swerve and actually gave George the laptop only so that he could see Georges hairy chest and nipples.

We then move on to other events in Georges life such as when he got in a fight while he was naked and his opponent whacked him with an object then tossed him into a bathtub of boiling hot water after telling George “Here take a bath!”. We learn that this man was actually cheating with Georges ex Kathy.

George then tells us a very disturbing story of physically choking Kathy much to the horror and disgust of our hosts and listeners. George then flips out, accuses Daniel of saying strange things he did not say and then quickly hangs up on Michael and Daniel.

Senda’s Youtube Channel


EODR 120 – Rey Hernandez | Positive Aliens, Mass Sightings and FREE

This episode we are joined by Rey Hernandez who is an attorney who has not only experienced UFO’s/aliens personally but has talked to thousands of abductees and has even gone so far as to found his own foundation called FREE: Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters.

We begin by going back to the past and learning how a very devout materialist atheist could do a complete 180 degree turn and become a very spiritual person. Apparently it all started when Rey’s wife was praying for their very sick dog, what transpires afterwards is truly mind bending and an adventure not only into the paranormal but into the very future of human consciousness and alien interaction.

We hear some more of Rey’s group sighting and contact experiences before switching gears and delving into Rey’s more recent work which is collecting hard data on the E.T. experience. what we come to find out from Rey is that we might, as a UFO culture, have things very wrong.



EODR 119 – Necro | Banned in 26 Countries, Heavy Metal and Michael Jackson

This episode we are joined by the uncensored American rapper Necro hailing from Brooklyn who has literally been banned from half of Europe due to his controversal nature and unwillingness to back down in the face of conflict.

We learn what inspired Necro to become so ruthless as he tells us about having to fight practically on a daily basis growing up in racial sensitive areas of New York City. Necro talks to us about what makes him different than most rappers, that he is in fact heavily inspired by Heavy Metal and unlike many rappers, will always give props and respect legendary metal bands. We ask him about his brother Ill Bill before quickly changing topics and moving on to getting into what exactly makes Necro’s work so special. He not only writes his own beats but is also the artist behind his own merchandise.

Necro tells us exactly why he was banned from Europe and how he was blackballed from that continent unfairly due to simply defending himself. We then get into a seriously heated debate about Michael Jackson being a pedophile that triggers some seriously entertaining dialogue from Necro.



EODR 118 – Mike Clelland X Marshall Masters

This episode we are joined by Mike Clelland who is not only an author, illustrator and avid outdoorsman but is also an incredibly interesting UFO and abduction researcher who has had his own contact experiences. Mike has written a very fascinating book called “The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee”.

We begin by asking Mike about some of his earliest experiences. He tells us about coming face to face with a large glowing orb which led to actually staring a grey alien in the face. Mike tells us about how these early experiences gave him a hunger for UFO knowledge which has led him to talk to many other abductees which he has garnered many pertinent clues from.

Mike then talks to us quite a bit about owls, what makes them so special and what connects them to the paranormal world.


We are then joined by Marshall Masters who joined us for a second time ever. Marshall is a great guest for End of Days Radio because he talks about just that. Marshall studies planet X quite a bit and knows how Ancient Astronauts and Revelations fits together and it does in fact fit together like a puzzle. We ask Marshall about Nibiru being sited by a news crew and what lengths the Luciferian power structure has underwent in order to cover up this information.

We then talk quite a bit about prepping and how many strategies are simply unrealistic. This leads into a discussion about aliens and we hear from Marshall that there are in fact spirits of aliens from other worlds that come to this planet to witness the important end times events.