Daniel’s true nature revealed | EODRAD 7

Daniel starts off by talking about a few topics such as how very bad the Independence Day Sequel was and what went wrong with that movie. He talks a bit about Pizzagate and advises everyone to check out a guy named Professor Griff.

Daniel then takes a break and comes back with bad news. It seems that the guest that was booked is missing in action. Daniel talks about how tough it makes things when guests confirm several times then don’t show up during game time. He explains that he isn’t going to let things like this make him angry or upset and goes onto say that a true radio personality needs to be able to go on air and be entertaining if their guest is not able to make it. He then goes into a monologue about Howard Stern and what makes him so different and great in radio before switching gears and talking a bit about how Joe Rogan is like the forefather of all modern day podcasting. Daniel gives some advice to upcoming podcasters and says that you will never have fun unless you can be yourself on air.

Daniel talks about ABC’s hit reality The Bachelor.

Todd calls in, says the Bachelor sucks and says things to trigger Daniel who once again becomes very upset and irate about the Michael situation. Daniel apologizes to the fans that the topic keeps coming up but goes on to quickly explain that he is in a lot of emotional and mental pain and is only expressing himself in order to heal his wounds.

Darren from Monster Castle Paranormal then calls in and talks to Daniel a bit. They share a mutual love of comedy orientated paranormal programs.

Daniel begins an intelligent monologue about the true existence of aliens and beings that are beyond our perception.

Suddenly things take a serious turn towards the weird as Daniel opens up and begins a rather odd explanation about who he truly is. He goes on to explain his true roots and why he has been tortured by paranormal events his entire life. Daniel is unsure if this information should be shared with the public but oops too late.