Tyler Joseph | The Sinister Tarot and Belial | EODR 111

Tyler Joseph is a tarot artist – most notably for The Sinister Tarot: New Aeon edition. He joins the show today to discuss LHP misconceptions – The Sevenfold Way occult pathworking traditions (Sinister/Numinous) – Sigil magic -Psychedelic integration into occult rituals and much more.

In this one of a kind interview brought together by magical forces. Daniel asks Tyler about such topics as The Illuminati, Blood Rituals, The Secret Society Tyler Started, Belial, The Vaccine, Tylers Porn Career, Psychedelic Drugs and much more.

At the end Tyler actually busts out his Sinister Tarot deck which you can view on the video version of the show.

During the after show Daniel gets in a debate about God with Todd, takes a call from John Conner and learns something completely wild from Al.