EODR 66 – It’s a Mad Mad Martian

The guys start off the show by talking about their home cities and what it is like to live there. They talk about their high school partying days and what it would be like to have a kid. The guys then bring up the Nick Diaz 5 year suspension scandal.

This show was originally scheduled with John B. Wells who was unable to join us. Gary the Mad Martian was nice enough to step in and fill in for Mr. Wells. Gary explains to us about his work continues to be suppressed in the media. We talk about his early days and how he was abducted by aliens, The FreeMasons, the messages being thrown back through time by the Martians and how Gary was once forced to destroy a city. We have a first time listener call in and confront Gary who is none to pleased.


We finish off the show by talking to callers Dert and Max Cole. We play a clip of a caller making fun of Daniel’s intro.


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