EODR 83 – Michael J. Carter and Dr. Kathy Forti

We start things off by talking to Andy who cut both fingers on both hands. We learn how he was drunk physically but not mentally when it happened.

This episode we speak with two very interesting guests. First being Michael J. Carter who is one of the worlds foremost experts on Aliens in the bible. We talk with him about how his perspective changed and became orientated towards UFO’s and aliens while still maintaining his Christian faith which definitely went against the grain. We ask him about the book of Genesis, the serpent and how he feel about Reptilian aliens, his answer is surprising.


We then talk to Dr. Kathy Forti who has been given a very intersting healing technology using crystals. She talks to us about her near death experience where she initially started receiving information that led to her actually tracking down the right crystals to build her machines. They actually transmit binary code information into the body which created a temporary Artificial Consciousness that can heal and evolve the body and mind.


We finish off by talking to Todd a bit who sings some Blue Oyster Cult for us.


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