EODR 88 – Joseph Laycock X Michael Aquino

This episode we are joined by two extraordinary guests. We also have a very special treat this episode. We are joined by friend of the show, Myke Hideous, who is joining us as a guest host for this very special episode.

We start the show by talking to our friend Myke a bit about how things have been going for him since he was last on our show. We learn a bit about why Myke loves photography so much before getting into a a couple crazy stories of shows hes done.

We are then joined by our first guest Joseph Laycock who begins by telling us a little bit about how he got into such strange topics that he has written about. He has written books on role playing games, vampires as well as demonic possession. Joseph tells us about what it was like studying real vampires, where they tend to congregate and why they are so secretive. We then talk a bit about demons as Joseph fills us in on some things he just cannot explain. We finish off our super interesting discussion with Joseph by asking him what his favorite vampire movies are.

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We are then joined by our second guest, the legendary Michael Aquino who is the founder of the Temple of Set. He describes for us what he went through originally joining the Satanic church only to start feeling disillusioned by Lavey’s philosophies. Aquino talks to us about how he got involved with the military and how he developed a weapon that can crush any enemies spirit, rendering them useless in battle. We then get into the Setian Philosophy a bit by learning a little bit about the Egyptian religion and how it has inspired Aquino to use Set as the figurehead of his beliefs.

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