EODR 90 – George Senda | A Life Well Lived

We start off by talking a little bit to our buddy Frank from Las Vegas.

This episode we are joined by George Senda who is a popular figure on various paranormal message boards and has quite the life story. George gives us a great argument about why Donald Trump would make an excellent president of the United States.
We then learn how George was once offered a job by Bill Gates himself. A few of Georges fans from Bellgab call in and talk to George about all kinds of whacky topics. George talks about why he loves Art bell before giving us his opinion on various paranormal topics such as UFO’s, Reptilians and Conspiracy. George shoots down some of the crazy rumors about drugs and prostitution.

George Sendas Youtube Channel

After the break Daniel makes a heartfelt apology to Andy for attacking him about his vasectomy. We finish things off by taking calls from quite a few of our fans.


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