EODR 117 – Myke Hideous | Misfits, Horror Movies and Necronomicon

This episode we are joined by none other than friend of the show Myke Hideous, former Misfits frontman and genius of such bands such as Spy Society 99 and Empire Hideous. Myke is also an accomplished writer, artist and photographer.

We start off by discussing Mykes past with the Misfits and how surreal the whole experience was. Myke talks to us about how backstage politics ruled the day as it does with many bands. We go over the entire story of why Myke joined the band and how he was told that he could not wear certain things that he loved due to the dress code of the time which made little sense. We talk a bit about Jerry Only, Michael Graves, Doyle Wolfgang and Glen Danzig. We then finish up talking about Mykes musical past as we enter into the world of politics and find out Mykes thoughts on such things as Islam, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, 9-11 and much more.

We finish off by talking about some of Mykes personal interest such as being a friend to animals, his interest in magick, his favorite horror movies and why he much prefers living in the forrest as opposed to the inner city life. Myke tells us the story of the Necronomicon then takes some calls from listeners.



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