EODR 119 – Necro | Banned in 26 Countries, Heavy Metal and Michael Jackson

This episode we are joined by the uncensored American rapper Necro hailing from Brooklyn who has literally been banned from half of Europe due to his controversal nature and unwillingness to back down in the face of conflict.

We learn what inspired Necro to become so ruthless as he tells us about having to fight practically on a daily basis growing up in racial sensitive areas of New York City. Necro talks to us about what makes him different than most rappers, that he is in fact heavily inspired by Heavy Metal and unlike many rappers, will always give props and respect legendary metal bands. We ask him about his brother Ill Bill before quickly changing topics and moving on to getting into what exactly makes Necro’s work so special. He not only writes his own beats but is also the artist behind his own merchandise.

Necro tells us exactly why he was banned from Europe and how he was blackballed from that continent unfairly due to simply defending himself. We then get into a seriously heated debate about Michael Jackson being a pedophile that triggers some seriously entertaining dialogue from Necro.



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