EODR 122 – Michael Aquino X Katie Cook

This episode we are joined for a second time by the legendary Michael Aquino who is the head and founder of the Temple of Set. Aquino started the temple of Set because he did not approve of the highly egoistical behaviour and demands of Anton Lavey and the Church of Satan, which Michael was a high ranking member of. Aquino goes into the story of the Temple of Set quite in depth to the delight of our hosts and listeners.

We then get into some really heavy topics such as the myriad of strange accusations thrust upon Michael simply because he is a former member of the US governments psychological warfare division. Michael completely dispells the rumor that he had anything to do with the death of Max Spiers and refers to the whole situation as confusing and laughable because until very recently he had no idea who the guy was.

We then talk about the Philadelphia Experiment and Stargate’s to our amazement and pure shock. Aquino even goes into detail about how they work.

Temple of Set Website

We are then joined by Country Music Channel host Katie Cook. We begin by talking about her upbringing in Nashville and what got her interest in Country Music started. She talks to us about who influenced her and what it takes to be a good host. Specifically the importance of being well prepared and being a bit quick on your feet.

We discuss her band Reno a bit before asking Katie what she thinks about the ever changing musical industry.

We then switch gears as it turns out that Katie is actually very well educated on the paranormal and gives us her opinion on everything from UFO abductions to David Icke to the hauntings/the afterlife. Katie shares an interesting story with us of doing a session with the famous Dolores Cannon. She then makes a good point about how people in remote areas with no TV or contact with the outside will describe the same experiences.



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