Todd Miller joins me this Saturday!

Todd the bodd

We are joined this Saturday by Todd Miller who was doing what Daniel does long before Daniel was even born. Meaning he was going up against the man and trying to enlighten the world to the grand conspiracy pre-internet days. Todd has been a long time fan of End of Days Radio and has wanted to get his story out for a long time. We are going to take a journey into the past and learn about how the Chaos magicians tried to save us all! We will talk about everything including William Cooper, HP Lovecraft, Black Sabbath, Chaos Magick, Crowely, the birth of the Illuminati, mind control history, missing people and much more!

One thought on “Todd Miller joins me this Saturday!

  1. This is a great show, and I especially liked the one you did two months ago with Myke Hideous. What a great interview and what a great guy Myke is.
    I put your radio show up on my tool bar with Nightbreed Radio and Cathedral13 Radio. Love stuff about the occult too.

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