Nathan Sanders | Radio Synchronicity, Mandela Effect and Revelations | EODR 73

Nathan Sanders had a near death experience in 2013, since then he has been communicating with a being named SAM. He is here to talk about synchronicity with us.

Nathan comes on the line and Daniel asks him a bit about his past. Turns out Nathan was a play write who put together some interesting southern gothic stories. Nathan began communicating with SAM after a near death experience. SAM began using the radio and other means to send Nathan messages through “synchronicity”.

Nathan realizes that SAM is actually god himself and god can easily do anything including the Mandela Effect which is god showing a select few that anything even the past can be re-written. Nathan says that we are currently going through a Tribulation which Daniel agrees with.

Nathan tells Daniel that his name Daniel is a synchronicity.

Nathans Youtube Channel

Daniel comes back from break and acts like a maniac, as per usual. He touches on society allowing pedophilia to become normalized, talks about the elite wanting to wipe us out with Todd and goes over some vicious news stories.


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