Andrieh Vitimus | Shapeshifting, Demons and Chaos Magick | EODR 27

Andrieh Vitimus is a Magician with many years of Occult study under his belt, he is a philosopher and author of Hands on Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation.

Daniel starts off asking Andrieh about his past. We learn that Andrieh was actually compelled to become a master occultist by demonic beings who had a positive intention in this case. He then talks quite a bit about the nature of demons and his experiences dealing with them in possession cases and even summoning them. Daniel asks about how someone new to the occult should approach summoning and chaos magick.

Andrieh explains the roots of chaos magick as well as the principals behind it. He goes on to explain many other topics such as shapeshifting, Voodoo, Jewish mysticism, meditation, telepathy, money through magick and how to defend against curses. There is much much more contained in this two hour long interview which is an A to Z on Magick and the Occult to continue magick month on End of Days Radio.

Daniel comes back from break. Talks about a minor change to the show then launches into some talk about Sandy Hook. He then reads some news, fan letters and takes a call from Todd the Bod.


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