EODR 111 – Carl Lehrburger X Judy Carroll

This episode we start out by talking to Carl Lehrburger who is one of the leading minds in pushing forward untold truths about early visitation and civilization in North America. Carl recently authored an amazing book called “Secrets of Ancient America: Archaeoastronomy and the Legacy of the Phoenicians, Celts, and Other Forgotten Explorers”. We talk about many topics in the book including the Native Americans take on things, Celts exploring ancient America, the claims of remnants of civilizations found in the grand canyon, cone headed giants, pyramids, ancient aliens, Hebrews in America and why there has been a huge global conspiracy to cover up these things.

We finish by having a very intriguing discussion about Hemp and Cannabis.


In the second half we are joined by Judy Carroll who is a lifelong contactee with the Zeti Reticulian culture. We ask about her back story and how she had been visited from a very early age. We learn about how there has been a smear campaign against the Greys. Most negative Grey encounters are actually fake abductions being carried out by a cabal including the Elite humans and Underground Reptilians.

We ask her about Whitley Strieber and why his take on things is so much more negative. Judy explains to us why the Zetas are actually here and how they are trying to unlock our DNA and awaken our psychic abilities. Judy strongly wants everyone out there to stop fearing the Grey s because they are not and have never been our enemy. We then talk about Mantis beings and well as the whole ancient aliens thing.



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