E.A. Koetting | Age of Unveiling | EODR 24

E.A. Koetting is a lifelong researcher and practitioner of the Occult and Magickal world. He is the author of many books as well as the creator of the Become a Living God system.

Daniel starts off by asking E.A. about his background growing up in the Mormon church and how he became interested in Magickal practices. He explains how it was prayer that actually got him to notice that consciousness can change reality around us.

They then launch into a incredible discussion about Lucifer and the current age we are entering into which is a period where all the occult secrets are being released much to chagrin of many secret societies and occult groups who wish to keep this knowledge secret.

E.A. talks to us about Lucifer, Lucifage, Satan, Demon summoning, Tarot cards, Scrying and much more in this exciting one of a kind interview.


After the break Daniel reads some news stories, letters and explains why he is not a vegan.


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