EODR 100 – Elizabeth April – Past Lives, Aliens and Telepathy

This is our very special birthday episode and we not only have a celebration happening but also a very interesting guest. We start off the show by touching bases with some of our favorite fans and callers.

We are then joined by our guest Elizabeth April, who is an alien contactee as well as a telepath and medium. We begin by asking how she got started with all the paranormal stuff, she informs us that she wasn’t always involved in the para world, she actually started out as a competitive athlete which she was very successful at, she became disillusioned with competition due to its materialistic nature and after a past life regression, started a spiritual path which later on led to an alien encounter and the unlocking of her DNA and latent spiritual abilities which she now uses to help others.

Elizabeth takes calls from some of our callers and actually gives them readings on air!, including a very special call from Gary the Mad Martian who gets some very solid advice.

We finish the show with our actual birthday celebration which includes too many hi-jinks to list. Highlights include a performance of “Flat Earth Heads” by Wolfman Mike and a momentary face off between George Senda and Falkie investigator #1 Chefist from Bellgab. Michael and Daniel finish the show by issuing an open challenge to the world to bring in a new era of radio!



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