EODR 101 – Sunny X Shaun X Laura X Miesha

This is a jam packed show with four different unique guests joining us.

We first talk to Sunny Amoreena who is a Sydney based female vocalist and musician hot off the heels of releasing her last album “Tightrope” following up her last great effort “Check for Wolves”. Sunny shares with us her motivational story in order to hopefully inspire the youths of today. She had a horrible accident that caused her to become physically impaired as a child and had to spend much of her life in a much more secluded and sheltered way than most children. She talks to us how she used music to heal herself spiritually and now has more hope than ever. She wants to share that hope with us and the rest of the world.world.


We are then joined by Shaun who has a very interesting podcast about movies. Shaun shares his experience of criticism he recieved for his show early on which led him to improve. Shaun is an Asian American and we learn that he had to go through some very rough moments growing up. He talks to us about how Asians are discriminated against in Hollywood, how male and female Asians are treated differently by American society and how racism has driven him into depression in the past. We then move on to lighter topics as we delve into Shauns unique taste in the realm of movies. We ask him a difficult question, what his top 3 movies of all time are which he answers with flying colors.


We then bring on Miesha Johnson for our second interview with her. We really dig deeper into the realm of Monarch Mind Programming, Hybrids, Reptilians, Illuminati families and much more as we take the opportunity to ask the questions we couldn’t during the first interview. Much of the time we spend discussing the Hybrid breeding program and how Meisha is one of the only people offering support to those who have been thrust into this world. Miesha then shares some of the more disturbing experiences she had dealing with Alien groups who claim their hybrid program is very successful, she was even invited into a nursery to view these Hybrid Children. Miesha then explains to us how not all Reptilians are the bad guys. Daniel compares them to Pitbulls which Meisha agrees with.


Finally we bring on our last guest who is none other than friend of the show, Laura London who is kind enough to go into detail about the full schedule during the upcoming Contact in the Desert Event. She tells us her plans for the event when suddenly Michael surprises us all by asking Laura to join him on a date to George Noorey’s birthday party, much to Daniels jealously. Everyone laughs at this surprising turn of events before we eventually move on to a debate between Laura and Daniel about the existence of Aliens visiting the earth.



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