EODR 102 – Amy Martin | Skepticism, Gaming and A.I.

This is a very special episode because it is coming hot off the heels of Michael’s journey to Contact in the Desert. We have some big news coming out of the event including Michael having an actual UFO experience in his hotel room and details on his date with Laura London. We also touch bases with Miesha Johnston who gives us the rundown in regards to the event meeting her expectations.

The biggest news coming out of the event was Michael actually meeting George Noory and finding out he does indeed listen to End of Days Radio.

We then move on to our main event which is our interview with the mysterious Amy Martin who has a hot new show that is attracting one heck of a listener base. We talk to Amy about how she got started with Art Bell before moving onto more serious topics such as Amy’s skepticism. We learn that Amy is very smart and well educated, she basically has the qualifications to build a robot in her basement which she sorta has done because of her work in robotics and working with the famous Raspberry Pi. Amy does a great job dealing with Daniels relentless attempts to flirt with her. Andy calls in and we talk about gaming with Amy who turns out to be a very hardcore gamer to everyone’s delight.


We finish off by taking a call from friend of the show, Laura London who gives us more juicy details on Contact in the Desert. Her and Michael go into a bit more depth about the experience and some of the faces they ran into during the event.


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