EODR 103 – Mike Hideous X Keith Iton

We start off by talking to a few of our callers including Wolfman Mike who begins telling some very interesting stories which warrants Daniel to call him out on lying which then leads to Wolfmans girlfriend Sandra getting on the line to defend him.

This episode we were originally scheduled to talk to a demonologist couple but they did not answer so on late notice Pastor Keith Iton was kind enough to join us to discuss the topic of demonology as well as politics and much more. Keith tells us a very interesting story of a possessed man who had the strength of 5 men. Daniel asks Keith if it is wrong to view pornography which Keith answers that yes it can indeed turn into a parasitic relationship with a demonic being.


We are then joined by friend of the show, the legendary Myke Hideous. He is in a positive move to start out as we ask him about his new relationship and the story behind it. Myke reveals that he has a very attractive new girlfriend he met during a photoshoot. We then get into the meat and bones as Mykes fuse is lit and he becomes angry, talking about Islamic Terrorism, President Obama(worst president ever in his opinion) and his dislike of rap music. Myke then talks about how important it is to support Israel.



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