EODR 104 – Barbara Honegger X Ralph Anthony

This episode we start off by announcing that we have a new forum for End of Days Radio.

We are then joined by our first guest, Barbara Honegger, who is a major researcher and author of books centered around the 9-11 Conspiracy. She actually used to work as a journalist for Naval Intelligence and is one of the few ex government employees speaking out about the 9-11 Conspiracy. We first talk to her a bit about her background before really diving deep into the conspiracy. We talk about how the towers were brought down and some of the insane excuses surrounding things such as the militaristic drills done that day to simulate a terrorist attack. We take some calls and learn there was actually tons of gold underneath the towers. Barbara then tells us why she thinks the attacks happened.

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We are then joined by Ralph Anthony who is a long time listener and decided to ask to join us on the show because he has a very special message for our listeners and for mankind. He is actually descended from a family that has a history of occult practice which emphasizes the old ways of being in tune with nature, it resembles modern Wicca but only because of its pagan ancestry, he is from the real old blood. Ralph is also a musician so we spend a great deal of time discussing how he got into playing the guitar and some of our favorite bands before we dive deep once again and begin learning of Ralph’s magic practices. We then hear a fascinating story of Ralph getting abducted by Milabs. He actually does a reading for Michael and Daniel which is alot of fun.



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