EODR 105 – John Herlosky | Remote Viewing, Sunken Treasure and Mars

This episode we are joined by John Herlosky who is the author of “A Sorcerers Apprentice”, a book about a skeptics journey into the world of remote viewing. We begin by learning a bit about Johns background as a police officer. He tells us about what it was like going to the police academy and being a cop for so many years. John tells us that he is a lifelong martial arts enthusiast as well. The conversation then shifts to remote viewing as John gives a description about how he discovered the science of remote viewing and how amazingly interesting his first ever class was. We learn about how John’s remote viewing abilities and some of the very strange things he has seen and experienced while being given coordinates. At the end of the interview things get really weird as John tells us about journeying underwater to find treasure with remote viewing.


We are then joined by last weeks guest and friend of the show Ralph Anthony. We chat with Ralph a bit before continuing our journey into Ralphs interesting life. We then talk about psychic powers and coming earth changes Ralph tells us about an ancient Strega prophecy about a coming female leader. Ralph is then kind enough to not only do another reading for Michael and Daniel but he allows us to open the lines as he gives readings to some of our favourite listeners.



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