EODR 106 – Wal Thornhill X Scott Benson

We are first joined by Wal Thornhill who is most famous for being the leading proponent of the Electric Universe Theory. He is the author of books “Thunderbolts of the Gods” and “The Electric Universe”. Wal talks to us about how hard it has been trying to push an alternative theory, even if logic says that it is true. He tells us about Immanuel Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision” book which has inspired him quite a bit.

We then delve into a cycle of discovery as Wal explains to us that the Solar System really works. About how Gravity is actually pushing us into the solar system rather than the other way around. He then goes on to comment about many other topics such as CERN, Flat Earth and even Hollow Earth.


We are then joined by the host of one of the top fringe research podcasts Truth Sentinel, his name is Scott Benson and he is one of the UK’s greatest exports. We learn about how Scott is actually calling in from Thailand. He talks to us about why he loves traveling and how it has affected his worldview on things. We discuss a little bit about why Scott wanted to start a show and who inspired him to be a broadcaster.

We then get into some very deep topics such as Conspiracy, 9-11, The British Royal Family, Soccer, Reptilians and much more. We even talk a little bit about the Pyramids and hear about the time Scott suddenly found himself right smack in the middle of a warzone.



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