EODR 109 – Kenneth and Farah Rose Deel X Jenny Ashford and Tom Ross

It’s couples night!

This episode we are joined by the legendary demon hunting couple Kenneth & Farah Rose Deel who are catholic demonologist/exorcist, who not only actually go out in the field and fight demons, but also do their own radio show.

We begin by learning the background of the Deels. We focus on their childhood and learn about the first time each of them encountered demonic beings in a manifested form. We learn that it almost always starts off with experimentation with the occult. We then get into how Kenneth and Farah actually met each other and why they immediately felt a strong bond then suddenly wanted to get married right away. From there we get into the nitty gritty of demonology. We learn of demonic hierarchies, shadow beings, how exorcism takes place, UFO’s/Aliens, the end of days, guardian angels and much much more with this lovely and very brave couple.


We are then joined by our second extraordinary couple of the evening. We are once again joined by Jenny Ashford and Tom Ross who join us for the second time ever. They start off by telling our hosts that End of Days Radio has been their favorite radio program that they have been on. From there we get an update on the The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist audio book which we learn will actually be read by Jenny herself as well as the upcoming book which is being worked on as we speak.

We then take an unusual turn, inspired by our previous guests of the night, Michael asks how Jenny and Tom actually met and fell in love which turns into a super interesting story and which causes Tom to compare Michael to Howard Stern much to everyone’s delight. We then get into the Mammoth Mountain story a little bit which prompts a discussion about telekinetic powers and the possibility that most Poltergeists cases are actually caused by the human mind itself.



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