EODR 110 – Dannion Brinkley | NDE’s, End Times and Fighting

This episode we are joined by Dannion Brinkley who is an author, near death experiencer and a Vietnam War vet. Dannion wrote the famous book “Saved by the Light”.

We begin by talking about Dannions childhood were he had to fight all the time growing up in the south. We even hear an entertaining story of when Dannion KO’d one of his teachers. We then begin talking about Dannion’s experience getting hit by lighting and then leaving his body.

We get into all sorts of subjects such as Aliens, Psychic Powers, False Flag Operations as well as Dannions thoughts on the current presidential race. We then get into a very deep discussion about the actual End of Days.


We then finish the show by taking calls from Yuk Nassty, Wolfman Mike, Max Cole and Chefist. The guys get buck wild!


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