EODR 114 – Rob Gutro X Mad Martian

We are joined first by friend of the show Rob Gutro who was not only one of our first guests but is also announcing the release of his second pet based book “Pets and the Afterlife 2” which is a sequel to his first hit book. Rob calls himself a “Medium Rare” because he always considers himself a student of the psychic-medium field of study..

We start off by talking about Rob’s past a little bit and how it was tough growing up in a religious setting. Rob talks about how his medium abilities were passed down through his family line. We learn quite a bit about the afterlife and ghosts in general as Rob explains to us the way the afterlife works and how our lovable pets fit into it all. We also ask Rob about things such as evil spirits, his plans for Halloween and the paranormal team he is part of.


We come back from break and bring Gary the Mad Martian on the line. Gary is furious about Daniel limiting his time on the show and immediately erupts into rage about Daniel’s betrayal, Hoagland’s mindgames, Brookings and all the people trying to stop his message from getting out. Daniel tries to explain that what Gary thinks is untrue as Gary’s anger continues to build. A unique caller named Curtis asks Gary some questions he doesn’t like which sends Gary into level F5 rage. We try to calm Gary down as Gary proclaims that Michael is the only one on his side.

We ask Gary about why exactly his show was taken off the air. This causes Gary to become saddened as he mumbles something about contracts and how his life has been ruined by a “code”. Gary then explains as he has done in the past that he is the real John Connor.



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