EODR 116 – Elizabeth Saint | Afterlife, Gadgets and Haunted Closets

The guys start off the show with no guest. As you can expect hijinks ensue as the guys get into all sorts of topics such as what they think of certain radio hosts, Penn and Teller and they also listen to another great Cody impersonation.

We are then joined by Elizabeth Saint who is one of the stars of the new show Ghosts of Shepherdstown. Elizabeth was a model and aspiring actress who was not only beautiful but smarter than your average bear. She actually spent several years learning computer coding before eventually taking a job at the Department of Defense. Elizabeth felt a great emptiness in her life which led her into the paranormal world. She shares the story of one of her first paranormal experiences when she used to live in an apartment that had a haunted closet, there was some sort of being inside of that closet and it continued to terrify residents long after she moved out.

We then get into the show and some of Elizabeth’s stranger experiences while filming which includes a full on possession episode. She talks to us about some unique devices she has designed that allow ghost communication. We then get into lighter topics and ask her what she is doing for Halloween as well as some of her favourite scary movies.



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