EODR 118 – Mike Clelland X Marshall Masters

This episode we are joined by Mike Clelland who is not only an author, illustrator and avid outdoorsman but is also an incredibly interesting UFO and abduction researcher who has had his own contact experiences. Mike has written a very fascinating book called “The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee”.

We begin by asking Mike about some of his earliest experiences. He tells us about coming face to face with a large glowing orb which led to actually staring a grey alien in the face. Mike tells us about how these early experiences gave him a hunger for UFO knowledge which has led him to talk to many other abductees which he has garnered many pertinent clues from.

Mike then talks to us quite a bit about owls, what makes them so special and what connects them to the paranormal world.


We are then joined by Marshall Masters who joined us for a second time ever. Marshall is a great guest for End of Days Radio because he talks about just that. Marshall studies planet X quite a bit and knows how Ancient Astronauts and Revelations fits together and it does in fact fit together like a puzzle. We ask Marshall about Nibiru being sited by a news crew and what lengths the Luciferian power structure has underwent in order to cover up this information.

We then talk quite a bit about prepping and how many strategies are simply unrealistic. This leads into a discussion about aliens and we hear from Marshall that there are in fact spirits of aliens from other worlds that come to this planet to witness the important end times events.



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