EODR 120 – Rey Hernandez | Positive Aliens, Mass Sightings and FREE

This episode we are joined by Rey Hernandez who is an attorney who has not only experienced UFO’s/aliens personally but has talked to thousands of abductees and has even gone so far as to found his own foundation called FREE: Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters.

We begin by going back to the past and learning how a very devout materialist atheist could do a complete 180 degree turn and become a very spiritual person. Apparently it all started when Rey’s wife was praying for their very sick dog, what transpires afterwards is truly mind bending and an adventure not only into the paranormal but into the very future of human consciousness and alien interaction.

We hear some more of Rey’s group sighting and contact experiences before switching gears and delving into Rey’s more recent work which is collecting hard data on the E.T. experience. what we come to find out from Rey is that we might, as a UFO culture, have things very wrong.



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