EODR 19 – Norio Hayakawa | Underground Bases, The Aviary, Paul Bennewitz, Illuminati

We are joined this episode by UFO investigator Norio Hayakawa who is one of the leading experts on the underground alien bases that are located around the United States. Below is a brief list of some of the topics we touch on:

-Metallica Black Album
-Daniel talks about Seattle area raves ten years ago, the dangers of MDMA
-Michael says he wouldn’t date Lady GaGa then Daniel explains what “Ugly Pretty” means
-Norio Hayakawa joins us:
*How Norio got into UFO’s and Dulce
*President Eisenhower meeting Aliens
*New Mexico and the many crashes and sighting in the area
*Jacques Vallee and his theories
*Possibility of past civilizations on Mars
*Buildings still being constructed at Area 51
*Paul Bennewitz
*The Aviary
*Occult Illuminati connections
*UFO investigators possibly being killed off
*Bob Lazar
-Interview with Norio ends and our hosts start talking among themselves
-Mad Men, Easy Rider
-Nerds using fantasy to escape life, Magic Cards, Comic Books
-Illuminati card game
-Secret Societies, Revelations


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