EODR 20 – Rachel Noll and Michael Parenti

This is a split show. In the first hour we are joined by film actress Rachel Noll and in the second hour we are joined by the controversial Michael Parenti.

-ways to listen to our show
-Daniel’s partying past

Rachel’s Noll joins us:
*talks about how she got started in movies
*working with Sean Stone and Jake Busey
*who she looked up to growing up
*studying martial arts, learning choreography and fight scenes
*Don’t Pass Me By, Rachel’s award winning movie
*dealing with disappointment when trying out for roles
*following your dreams and doing what you want to do in life
*Rachel’s favorite movies and what inspires her

-Daniel and Michael talk a little bit

Michael Parenti joins us:
*Michael(host) talks about how he became aware of Michael Parenti
*Mr. Parenti talks about how he got started in politics
*World Trade Center attacks
*middle east drama, Saddam Hussein
*talks about John Kerry, Obama and Bill Clinton
*why America is an Empire and not a true Democracy

-Daniel and Michael talk about New Jersey
-old Batman show from the 60’s
-Wanderlei Silva retirement
-pineal gland, kundalini, chakra’s, 3rd eye




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