EODR 22 – Patrick Williams MMA Fighter and Greg Carlwood ‘The Higherside Chats’ Host

On this episode we are joined by two guests for this 3 hour show.

Our first guest is MMA fighter Patrick Williams who talks to us about what it is like fighting in the UFC. We learn Patrick’s secrets to quickly cutting weight, how he got into martial arts, the power of wrestling, what it’s like training with UFC champ Cain Velasquez(with a hilarious story thrown in), his plans for the future and how he feels he would match up with the current champ Jose Aldo.


Our second guest is Greg Carlwood, host of our favorite paranormal podcast “The Higherside Chats”. We touch on just about every paranormal and conspiracy topic we can fit in the time we have available. We ask Greg about how he got started in paranormal and why he started his show, 9-11 conspiracy theories, secret societies, reptilians, mind control, giant skeletons, Christianity, his memorable show with Jan Irvin and much much more.



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